YEES Ltd Poland has expertise in using rope access techniques and platform systems. We have a cross-sector experience in working at heights, with the main focus on wind industry sector.

Our experts are very efficient rope access technicians who are fully qualified to work at heights, meeting GWO (Global Wind Organization) standards, such as IRATA International certificates.

Safety at work is our priority, and so we are committed not only to preventing accidents but also to releasing you from any liability if something does happen.

We always prepare risk assessment and method statement documents for each project in which we include all possible risks, rescue procedures and further steps to be taken in order to avoid or minimize dangers. Such documents constitute a specific agreement and its guidelines must be obeyed by everyone working in the turbine or in its surroundings.

Moreover, YEES Ltd Poland’s staff are trained and well-prepared for self-rescue i.e. our rope access technicians are fully capable of evacuating themselves from any position and place in the wind turbine.

We have experience in working on various types of wind turbines, with all types of blades, regardless of their length. All of our technicians have the relevant qualifications to deliver quality services onshore and offshore.

Our preferred method of access, rope access, proves to be very reliable and effective. Since it is safe and less time-consuming than other methods, it contributes to saving a considerable amount of money and operational downtime.